Helping young people thrive by being themselves

Helping young people thrive by being themselves

Therapy Services By Dan Rothenberg

Is your child experiencing anxiety?
Does your child have trouble bouncing back from disappointment?

Hello, I’m Dan Rothenberg. I provide therapy services that focus on three issues that are vital to the success of young people:

  • Values: Who am I and where am I going?
  • Anxiety Management: The stress and fear blocking our journey.
  • Resilience Building: The ability to bounce back and learn from challenges.

Clarifying strengths and values creates the opportunity for young people to find an authentic and achievable path to success.  I work with young people to go down this path while managing the stress and fear along the way. Anxiety goes down, resilience goes up and values move forward. The result: Completed homework – Increased Self-Esteem – Self-Motivation – More Confidence in Relationships – Ability to Combat Bullying

If you think your teen might benefit from my services, feel free to contact me today! 

Therapy Services

I have twelve years of experience as a licensed therapist with a focus on youth anxiety. I use a technique called Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) which helps individuals to manage anxiety by increasing mental flexibility. ACT is particularly effective with young people because it offers hands-on tools and solutions they can practice in between sessions and after therapy concludes.

Teen Therapy

I help teenagers manage their anxiety so they can move towards their goals and potential. Individual therapy can help with areas such as Chronic Anxiety, Academic Pressure/Performance, Procrastination, Bullying, Motivation, Confidence and Relationship Building.

Young ADult Therapy

Whether you are in college or the workforce, therapy can help you navigate through important decisions and relationships, while managing the stress that comes with them. I will work with you to identify your strengths so you can channel your energy productively in order to reach your goals and potential. Most importantly, I will help you to enjoy and embrace this time of new-found freedom and endless possibility.

YouTurn Resiliency Program

If you want your therapy to have a clear beginning, middle and (best of all) END, ask me about the YouTurn Resiliency Program. YouTurn has all the benefits of individual therapy. The difference? It is time limited and organized in a workbook that we complete together. Many teens and young adults find this format engaging and helpful because the skills and strategies to manage anxiety and build resiliency are immediately available. If you tend to be more of a do’er than a talker, YouTurn might be for you!

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