About Dan Rothenberg

Why have I spent my career helping young people who are stuck in fear and negativity?

Because that’s the way I was as a teenager. I was constantly worried about the opinion of my peers and struggled with focus and confidence at school. During this time my therapist played a pivotal role by helping me manage my stress and build self-esteem. Looking back, just the ability to express myself in a non-judgmental and confidential space lowered my anxiety. Over time, I was actually able to enjoy my adolescence rather than just survive it. Today, I am grateful both for the opportunity to play that same role for young people and to provide relief for parents who are locked in a power struggle with their children.

My journey to become a therapist

My journey includes a number of stops along the way, each of which has enhanced my ability to connect with teens and young adults. As a professional standup comedian, I found humor in personal challenges and family relationships. This provided me and, on good nights, the audience with a sense of catharsis. I have continued to use humor in my work with teens and young adults which creates a therapeutic environment that is positive and nonjudgmental.

Following my comedy career, I worked as a therapist with foster youth in Los Angeles. My clients faced significant challenges and were often judged as “bad” kids. They internalized these labels which limited their potential and overshadowed their often extraordinary talents. This taught me the value of approaching clients with curiosity rather than judgment so that I might guide them towards their strengths and core values. I have remained strength-based in my work with teens and young adults. I find that young people often possess the qualities they need to be successful at the beginning of therapy. My job is to help identify and unlock them.

In My Downtime

I enjoy doing yoga with my wife and throwing a tennis ball to my dog, Mo-ey. I still enjoy performing at comedy clubs whenever I get the chance. I’m a regular in Portland’s Funniest contest at Helium Comedy Club. Also, please check out my parenting podcast “What Did I Say….?” I interview comedians, therapists and authors about how to connect with teenagers and young adults without pushing them away. Let’s laugh, learn and struggle together.

I currently work in Portland, Oregon but am available remotely from anywhere. I look forward to working with you to leap the barriers that block the path to your potential!

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