YouTurn: Resiliency Program for Teens and Young Adults

If your teenager or young adult wants to become less anxious, more resilient and wrap up therapy in about four months, I’ve created the YouTurn: Resiliency Program for Teens and Young Adults.

How is YouTurn different than regular individual therapy?

  1. YouTurn adopts some components from coaching (Resiliency Coaching to be more specific). This means that YouTurn is forward moving and future oriented rather than being focused solely on past experiences.
  2. YouTurn has its own workbook that makes the process engaging, creative and slightly more structured than regular therapy.
  3. This structure helps to delineate a clear beginning, middle and (best of all) END of therapy. However, all participants are given the opportunity for maintenance sessions upon completion.

The YouTurn Resiliency Program is conducted in both an individual and a group setting and is especially effective with Friend Groups! That’s right. Young people often have mental health issues or stressors in common with their friends. This program provides the opportunity for friend groups to gain a common language to address their stress and worry together.

What are next steps for me as a parent?

To get started, schedule a “no obligation” 15-minute phone consultation to discuss whether the YouTurn Resiliency Program is right for your child. You can do this by filling out my contact form here or email me at Feel free to email me with any questions. I look forward to connecting!

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